Mobile Bar Manila

Mobile Bar Manila

We serve mobile bar almost anywhere in the Philippines mainly Manila, Cebu, Davao, Bohol, Boracay, Cagayan De Oro, Tagaytay & Baguio

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Request a quote:

Please tell us about your specific requirements. This may help us giving you the best mobile bar quote you can have.If non, don’t worry,our ready package customize for a Filipino crowd guest.

Who we are?

Bottoms Up mobile bar is a pure focus bartending service company since 2013.Solely managed by Jeorge Dela Cruz, an experienced mixologist in the Philippine beverage industry. We have an A-team ready to consult and serve within those areas.

Our method of Mixology

What's our edge to other mobile bars ?

“Fresh should be fresh” This is what we always say to our team. We don’t serve powdered mixers , we serve 100% fresh & bottled drinks. This is to make sure we aim to have thathotel quality drinks for your special events. For our menu it should be personal custom tailored on what your guest wants.

How do we quote?

Our rate is not budget friendly,
we use quality ingredients.

“We make it personal” . It depends what do you need or want?
We got you from Liquors down to non alcoholic beverages. Our request for a quote form can guide you from the basic requirements of the beverages.

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